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Krabi Hotels : A-Z
Hotel Name Locations Rates USD Inc. SVC Inc. VAT Inc. ABF Class
Dream Garden Hostel Aonang Beach 13.11
Ao Nang Ban Geo Aonang Beach 16.03
Krabi Seaview Resort Aonang Beach 17.48
The Beach Resort Aonang Beach 23.31
Srisuksant Resort Aonang Beach 26.22
Ao Nang Beach Resort Aonang Beach 29.14
Aonang President Hotel Aonang Beach 29.14
Blue Village Aonang Beach 29.14
Ao Nang Terrace Hotel Aonang Beach 29.14
Wannas Place (Andaman Sunset Resort) Aonang Beach 29.14
Ao Nang Sea Front Thai Resort Aonang Beach 34.97
Ao Nang Sunset Hotel Aonang Beach 34.97
Best Western Ban Ao Nang Resort Aonang Beach 36.42
Beach Terrace Hotel Aonang Beach 37.88
Tipa Resort Aonang Beach 37.88
Buri Tara Resort Aonang Beach 39.34
Somkiet Buri Resort & Spa Aonang Beach 40.21
Aonang Princeville Resort Aonang Beach 40.50
Peace Laguna Resort Aonang Beach 40.79
Aonang Buri Resort Aonang Beach 40.79
Best Western Ao Nang Bay Resort & Spa Aonang Beach 43.71
Aonang Paradise Resort Aonang Beach 48.66
Phra-Nang Inn Aonang Beach 49.53
Krabi La Playa Resort Aonang Beach 52.45
Chaya Resort Aonang Beach 56.82
Golden Beach Resort Aonang Beach 58.28
Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort Aonang Beach 58.28
Krabi Resort Aonang Beach 58.28
Aonang Villa Resort Aonang Beach 58.28
Vogue Pranang Bay Resort & Spa Aonang Beach 61.19
Krabi Heritage Hotel Aonang Beach 67.02
Emerald Garden Resort Aonang Beach 68.47
Andamanee Boutique Resort Aonang Beach 101.98
Pavilion Queen`s Bay Aonang Beach 101.98
Krabi Thai Village Resort Aonang Beach 110.72
Pakasai Resort Aonang Beach 131.12
Central Krabi Bay Resort Aonang beach 199.30
Lanta Bee Garden Bungalows Koh Lanta 8.74
Kaw Kwang Beach Resort Koh Lanta 11.66
Ocean View Resort Koh Lanta 11.66
Lanta Scenic Bungalows Koh Lanta 14.57
Lanta Marine Parkview Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 17.48
Sayang Beach Resort Koh Lanta 17.48
Salatan Resort Koh Lanta 17.48
Lanta Palace Resort & Beach Club Koh Lanta 17.48
Lanta Island Resort Koh Lanta 20.40
Gooddays Lanta Resort Koh Lanta 20.40
Lanta Residenc & Spa Koh Lanta 23.31
Southern Lanta Resort Koh Lanta 23.31
Lanta Long Beach Resort Koh Lanta 23.31
Andaman Lanta Resort Koh Lanta 24.77
Lanta ilmare Beach Resort Koh Lanta 26.22
Lanta Sea House Resort Koh Lanta 29.14
Lanta Nakara Resort Koh Lanta 29.14
Lanta Garden Hill Resort Koh Lanta 29.14
Aloha Lanta Hotel Koh Lanta 29.14
Golden Bay Cottage Koh Lanta 29.14
Twinbay Resort Koh Lanta 29.14
The Narima Bungalow Resort Koh Lanta 29.14
D.R. Lanta Bay Resort Koh Lanta 34.97
Dream Team Beach Resort Koh Lanta 37.59
Lanta White Rock Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 39.34
Royal Lanta Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 43.71
Holiday Villa Koh Lanta 43.71
Chaw-Ka-Cher Tropicana Lanta Resort Koh Lanta 58.28
Baan Laanta Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 61.19
Lanta Sand Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 78.67
SriLanta Resort Koh Lanta 87.41
Rawi Warin Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 139.86
Layana Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 143.36
Pimalai Resort & Spa Koh Lanta 189.39
Phi Phi Villa Resort Koh Phi Phi 17.48
Chaokoh Phi Phi Lodge Koh Phi Phi 20.40
Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort Koh Phi Phi 23.31
Phi Phi Natural Resort Koh Phi Phi 36.42
Andaman Beach Resort Koh Phi Phi 36.42
Bay View Resort Koh Phi Phi 40.79
Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel Koh Phi Phi 40.79
Phi Phi Hotel Koh Phi Phi 40.79
Phi Phi Banyan Villa Koh Phi Phi 43.71
Phitharom PP Resort Koh Phi Phi 43.71
Araya Buri Resort Koh Phi Phi 53.61
P.P. Erawan Palms Resort Koh Phi Phi 58.28
Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort & Spa Koh Phi Phi 107.81
Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island Koh Phi Phi 116.55
Oasis Resort Krabi Town 10.20
Thara Guesthouse Krabi Town 13.11
Grand Mansion Hotel Krabi Town 13.84
City Hotel Krabi Town 14.57
Riverside Hotel Krabi Town 14.57
Theparat Lodge Krabi Town 17.48
The Greenery Hotel Krabi Town 18.94
Vieng Thong Hotel Krabi Town 26.22
Golden Hill Hotel Krabi Town 26.22
Boonsiam Hotel Krabi Town 26.22
Krabi Royal Hotel Krabi Town 29.14
Green House Hotel Krabi Town 29.14
Maritime Park & Spa Resort Krabi Town 80.13
Tup Kaek Sunset Beach Resort Others 43.71
Andaman Holiday Resort Others 49.53
Nakamanda Resort & Spa Others 247.67
Ya Ya Resort Railay Beach 11.66
Railay Village Resort & Spa Railay Beach 14.57
Railay Viewpoint Resort Railay Beach 16.90
Tonsai Bay Resort Railay Beach 21.85
Sand Sea Resort Railay Beach 26.22
Railay Bay Resort & Spa Railay Beach 34.97
Mountain View Resort Railay Beach 34.97
Diamond Private Resort Railay Beach 55.36
Diamond Cave Resort & Spa Railay Beach 64.10
Sunrise Tropical Resort Railay Beach 69.93
Railay Princess Resort & Spa Railay Beach 81.59
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